Monday, May 31, 2010

Always Remember

The Weeds (try to) Take Over

  We added this little path just off our patio well over 15 years ago.  Originally there was no fence, and this was just an expanse of grass.  The path leads to the lovely garbage cans on the right, and to that little wood fencey thing on the left. I  have not decided if we'll keep that little fencey thing there or not - it's just an experiment for now (much like the experiment most of our yard has been over the past 23 years)  But I digress....anyway, see all of that green stuff surrounding the nice stepping stones?  I did battle with it the other day, determined to come out on the side of success. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Quarterback Sneak

One of our local supermarkets, Aldi, requires you to insert a quarter to "'borrow" a cart. I have a quarter that I keep in my car for just such a purpose. After loading up the trunk with my purchases, I proceeded to bring my cart back to the rack in order to retreive my quarter. Halfway there I was intercepted by a gentleman who said "here, I'll take that, while holding out his hand to exchange my cart for a quarter. Or so I thought. When I opened my hand, there lay 2 dimes and a nickle. So uncool...