Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Garden Materializes

My tools of choice for this project

I began by defining the area for the garden - and since I did not have the energy to try to remove that big boulder, it defined the back end of the garden.  Again, using that great narrow shovel with the straight blade helped to keep the line straight.

This is an awesome tool - spade on one side and "forked tongue" on the other.  Really helps get the surface weeds loose and break up the clumps of dirt.

Pretty well defined - it looks crooked, but it's not - just the camera angle - yea, that's it - the camera is at a weird angle...

Raked out the excess weeds/grass

Now to keep the critters out

I bought some cheap "granny garden" fencing...

...and lined it all along the outside of the garden.

Then I took rolls of poultry netting and plastic zip ties...

...and attached the netting all along the "granny fence"...

...using the zip ties to keep it all in place.

i used (3) 10 foot packages of the green fencing and (3) 24" x 10 foot rolls of poultry neeting

It's a fairly small garden - I have 3 pepper plants, 6 cherry tomato plants, 1 roma tomato plant and 1 Big boy tomato plant.  With any luck, everything will grow as it should, and I'll have plenty of my 2 favorite veggies!

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