Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Memories of the Sun

Given the fact that we have had nearly non-stop rainy days, I thought I would finally put up my post about the wonderful bike ride my husband and I took a couple of weeks ago.

Last year Tony and I gifted each other with brand new bikes for our 50th birthdays.  Aren't they beautiful?  Both are basically the same style - his is a darker blue and mine a nice powder blue.  You'll notice thart mine has the larger seat - we bought it special for me for more comfort of course!

We are fortunate enough to live between 2 bicycle paths - both of them former railways. We have both the Illinois Prairie Path and the Great Western Trail and they are equal distance from our house, one in each direction. Usually we ride on the Prairie Path, but it has become very crowded with walkers, bikes and runners, not to mention dog walkers, and it makes it pretty difficult to maneuver a bike - especially when you don't ride often enough to be fully adept at it. We chose the Great Western Trail for our Sunday morning ride. There was not a cloud in the blue sky, and it was neither too hot nor too cold - in the words of Little Red Riding Hood it was "Just Right".

I took all of these pictures from my cell phone, so the quality is not that great, but the day was beautiful and the sights interesting. 

Wild flowers were growing all along the trail - these pretty white flowers, and there was also purple clover and bright yellow wild daisies.

This picture absolutely does not do it justice, but this was a beautiful backyard that had a cute brick path that led it's way from the yard up to the bike path.
Getting up the hill to ride over the four lane I-355 was quite a breathless experience, but pausing on top to check out the traffic (not to mention the construction) was fun.  It was breezy up there, and a great way to cool off after pumpoong our way up there.
This was an indoor pool house with solar panels in someone's back yard.  I've decided that my next home will be up against a bike trail like this.  So peaceful and scenic!

We are hoping to get some better weather this weekend so that we can ride again.  I'll be sure to bring my camera this time, as the phone pictures just don't cut it1

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