Sunday, July 4, 2010

What's Your Love Language?

Do you know what your Love Language is?  There are 5, actually, and a test to learn which one is yours. The 5 Love Languages are-  Words of Affirmation; Quality Time; Acts of Service; Receiving Gifts and Physical Touch. 

I didn't need to take the test to know that mine is Receiving Gifts.  I love getting gifts!  Now I'm not talking about huge things (although don't count them out) but little things.  Like when my husband comes home with a box of Sour Patch Kids, because he knows I like them.  Or when I get in to work and see that my assistant (and very good friend!) has gone to the bakery and left me an almond pastry on my desk.  Or when the man that lives in the apartment above our office drops by with a little box of candy because he is grateful that we put his newspaper in his door each day (sadly, on Saturdays someone steals his paper when we are not there to rescue it).  Now, food is not the only way to my heart, although probably the cheapest - it can be anything, even as simple as a note that affirms our love; friendship or relationship. My daughter in law and I both own a Nook e-reader.  I feel gifted when she "loans" me a book that she enjoyed.  I need to reciprocate, but I have not yet found any "loanable" books that I want to buy - but I'm trying! 

So here are the rest of the results of my Love Languages test:

Receiving Gifts - 33%
Acts of Service - 30% (for me, I find that this is similar to receving gifts)
Quality Time - 20%
Words of Affirmation - 17%
Physical Touch 0% (ok this disturbs me, as I do enjoy a good hug from practically everyone....really, this makes me seem untouchable - and I think I'm married to a "Physical Touch" person....I have to work on this one)

Maybe to someone who has a different Love Language, the Receiving Gifts thing seems shallow - but I can't help it.  This is the way I feel affirmation.  And because this is the Love Language that is familiar to me, I tend to be a gift giver, which is great if the person I am gifting has that same Love Language.  It's not always easy to figure out someone elses' Love Language, but can be interesting to try to find out.  Take the test - what's your Love Language?  Feel free to put it in the comments!